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Turnkey Project

    Turnkey Project, which refers to a one-stop engineering integration service from design, planning, procurement, subcontracting, construction management to final acceptance check, might be the reason why you choose Leshan Intelligent. Leshan Intelligent constantly focuses on customers’ demands, improves products quality and raises services levels.

Step 1: Set the quantity of demand for bottles
 Leshan's Project Center needs to increase the guarantee factor when setting the quantity of bottles by taking into consideration of the malfunctioning repair of the bottle blowing machines, dies and auxiliary machines.
 The following factors need to be considered in the selection of the guarantee factor:
 1. Average fault-free operation time
 2. The possibility that the equipment can be repaired to normal condition 3. Situations of guarantee of spare parts
 4. Status of equipment maintenance
 5. Technical level of repairmen

Step 2: Selection of Bottle Blowing Machines
 Leshan's Project Center will provide customers with the detailed data of various types rather than as simple as just the screw rod diameter, extrusion amount and power.

 Step 3: Selection of Auxiliary Machine and Calculation of Pipeline
(1)Cold Water Machine
 The selection of type of a cold water machine depends on the aggregate total of the following two data: cooling from the extrusion temperature down to the demolding temperature; calculation of the, heat to be exchange and total amount of heat generation of the hydraulic system, speed reducing gearbox machine barrel discharge opening and diehead servo oil cylinder.
(2)Crushing Machine
 Mainly take reference of this one indicator-the crushing capability, viz., how many materials can be crushed per hour? When selecting the crushing capacity, however, you should accurately calculate:
 1. The screen hole diameter
 2. The increase factor resulting from the intermittent operation of the crushing machine due to machine adjustment and other reasons
(3)Material Feeding System
 1. The outlet materials generated from the bottle blowing machine are delivered to the crushing machine automatically through the conveyer belt
 2. The materials are mixed according to their respective proportions automatically before they are conveyed to the bucket of each bottle blowing machine.
 3. All-enclosed pipeline transportation mode stops dust.
 4. Industrial PLC control and touch human-machine interface.
 5. Batching capacity: 1.5 tons/hour
 6. Made of SUS304 stainless steel and hence hygienic and healthy.
 7. Material shortage alarming function
(4)Air Compressor and Air Storage Tank
 Accurately consider the cooling, drying, filtering deoiling and other treatments of the air. Place the air compressor, air storage tank and other gas facilities in order first.
(5)Water Pipe and Air Pipe
 Comprehensively measure up the investment and usage costs in order to achieve the best economy; accurately calculate the best inner and outer diameters of the pipe.

Step 4: Design of Workshop Layout(Core Work)
 The members in our Project Center are all elites of the industry. They all have abundant experience in mechanical workshop management and bottle blowing production technology. They are familiar with the principle on mechanical layout and the best route of logistics operation. In the course of design, we consider the operation of machines, the maintenance space, fire control passageway, logistics passageway, ventilation and lighting and staff access in an all-around way. Leshan is the only manufacturer in China who is able to plan the bottle blowing production line so comprehensively.

Step 5: Accurate Calculation of the Production Line Operation Cost
Our Project Center can accurately list the amount of investment for production lines and the production cost for the following year for customers.

Reference Case

Project Rapid Construction For Whole Production Line
YILI worldwide famous beverage manufacture,asked LESHAN to re-planning its workshop, on premise that double the production output.to face such a critical situation, LESHAN accomplished the transformation from material feeding, material transportation, trimming crush, to bottle blowing, tail trimming, bottle standing, and bottle filling within 1.5 month.


Key features
Machine model : 75U+S2×8.5F
Output:96000/pcs per day per machine(for 200ml bottle)
Qualified rate:>99.3%
Enclosed pipeline transportation,all food -grate
Now YILI has bought from LESHAN:
78 sets blowing mold machines,
201 sets blowing mold


Project Saving USD210 Million Cost Every Year
WAHAHA,ranks first in china beverage industry for 11 years,asked LESHAN for improved solution for
Its blowing business. Through analysis and a series of technical test,LESHAN successful reduced the product weight from the 19.8g+1g to15.5g+0.3g.its yearly production output is 25.2 million bottles,and we help them to save 5g for each bottle,which means we help them to save USD 210 millions for material cost every year!


Key features
Machine Model:75K+S2×6.5D-A
Output:70000/pcs per day per machine(for 200ml bottle)
Qualified rate:>99.6%
Enclosed pipeline transportation,all food -grate
Now WAHAHA has bought from LESHAN:
300 sets blowing mold machines,
1500 sets blowing mold